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Review: WITHIN THESE LINES / by Stephanie Morrill

Within These Lines / by Stephanie Morrill
Blink     ISBN     9780310765233
HS     Grades 8+     Rating:     5

Stephanie Morrill, author of Lost Girl of Astor Street, pens another young adult historical novel, this one is set during World War II, featuring the relationship of a Japanese American boy and an Italian American girl.  Evalina Cassano falls in love with Taichi Hamasaki amidst the anti-Japanese feelings arising across the US, following the attack on bombing on Pearl Harbor.

Within These Lines is a thoughtful story of love in the face of intolerance and prejudice during wartime.


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Hello, and welcome!

Welcome to my blog!  I love to read — and I love to recommend good books to my students — and others. I’ll be sharing excerpts of my reviews here as well as my thoughts on the world of reading.

Worthy2Read is based on Philippians 4:8 “Whatver is worthy . . . think about these things.” I will focus on works that are worthy of praise, worthy to spend that precious commodity: our time — to read.

Thanks for joining me.

Carol G

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