A CRUMBY WAY TO DIE, / by Georgiana Daniels

A Crumby Way to Die, / by Georgiana Daniels (A KC Crumb Mystery, 3)
Bowker     ISBN     9781736725030
Adult     Rating:     4crumby way to die

Author Georgiana Daniels returns with another entertaining cozy mystery, set in the small town of Beaver Bluff, OR.

In A Crumby Way to Die, KC Crumb enjoys her life in Beaver Bluff, far from her old life in LA until her ex-boyfriend James Carlisle shows up and complicates things. Shortly after his unwelcome arrival, one of the B&B owners is murdered and James is a suspect. KC and her friends are on the case. The sooner James is cleared, the sooner she can send him back to LA and concentrate on her budding relationship with the handsome police officer Antonio Hamsom.

While this book can be read as a standalone, the reader will enjoy being introduced to KS’s quirky friends in the earlier books (Crumbs of Passion, and Crumbs and Punishment). A Crumby Way to Die is a cozy mystery with humor, red herrings, plot twists, and entertaining cast of characters. Polly, KC’s friend, is a delightful sidekick, as are the non-human characters of Cujo and Pooh Bear.  

Also reviewed: Crumb and Punishment (#2).

Carol R. Gehringer

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