Review: THE DEBUTANTE’S CODE, / by Erica Vetsch

The Debutante’s Code, / by Erica Vertsch (Thorndike & Swann Mysteries, 1)
Kregel     ISBN     9780825447136
Adult     Rating:     5

The Debutante's Code

Award-winning author Erica Vertsch pens a new Regency series filled with memorable characters, historical details, and mystery elements: secrets, red herrings, and mysteries within mysteries.

In The Debutante’s Code, Lady Juliette Thorndicke returns home from finishing school, expecting her parents to meet her, but they are missing. Their disappearance causes her concern, especially when she discovers a family secret.  

While maintaining the facade of a debutante, she works to uncover coded messages, track down the reason behind their disappearance — and keep her secrets from the handsome detective Daniel Swann who thinks she might be involved with some recent art thefts among society’s elite. 

Vetsch takes her excellence in historically accurate Regency romances and ups her game, adding more mystery and intrigue into her story. The Debutante’s Code will keep the reader engaged, eagerly turning the pages until the end. Her latest novel is filled with light faith elements, plot twists, a touch of humor, and a clean relationship between Daniel and Julliette, with nothing settled at the book’s conclusion, except for a mutual interest and a hint of romance. 

Readers will be delighted at the reappearance of Marcus and Charlotte, from The Gentleman Spy, and the role they play in this book. Watch for the second book, , Millstone of Doubt, coming in 2022.

Recommended for public libraries and high school readers. Fans of Kristi Hunter, Sarah Ladd, Julie Klassen, and Roseanna White’s The Codebreakers series will enjoy this new series by Vetsch. 

Carol R. Gehringer

Disclaimer: Book reviews are my honest opinion of books I either purchased or received free of cost from the publishers, publicists, and/or authors. I am not required to write reviews, nor to even post positive reviews.

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