Review: AN UNCERTAIN CHOICE / by Jody Hedlund

An Uncertain Choice / Jody Hedlund
Zondervan     ISBN     9780310749196
YA     Grades 9-12     Rating: 5uncertain choiceJody Hedlund, historical fiction author, pens her first entry into young adult realm telling the story of a fourteenth century young woman faced with a life-altering decision.

In An Uncertain Choice, Lady Rosemarie is one month short of her eighteenth birthday, the day she goes into the convent to fulfill her parents’ vow. She found out about the vow when her parents died from the Plague four years earlier. So she has had time to prepare for entering the convent. She thinks she will still be able to rule her people from behind the convent walls.

Her late father’s close friend, the Duke of Rivenshire, arrives with 3 handsome knights, telling her that she has another choice — to marry before midnight on her birthday — releasing her from the vow. After being on her own, Rosemarie is torn between possibility of marriage and entering the convent. What is God’s plan for her?

As the knights compete to win her heart, someone is sabotaging the competition. One of the knights appears to be guilty, but is he? Should she marry or go to the convent? She has only one month to make the correct choice.

As always, Hedlund brings a story with descriptive narrative, believable plot, and endearing characters, making it an enjoyable read – well, except for the torture endured by prisoners. An Uncertain Choice can easily be read by adults and teens alike.

Fans of Lisa Bergren’s River of Time series and Melanie Dickerson’s medieval young adult books will enjoy Hedlund’s medieval trilogy. Readers may want to read Hedlund’s novella, The Vow (available only in ebook format), a prequel to An Uncertain Choice.

Recommended for teen collections in public libraries and school libraries.

Carol R. Gehringer

Disclaimer: Book reviews are my opinion of books I either purchased or received free of cost from the publisher in exchange for a honest review.


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