Review: TORRENT / by Lisa T. Bergren

Torrent (River of Time series, 3) / Lisa T. Bergren

HS (MS) Rating: 5

Lisa Bergren continues her historical fiction series featuring Gabriella and Evangelia, two normal teens — except they travel back in time to 14th century Italy and live through extraordinary adventures.

After rescuing their father from his tragic death, the entire Betarrini family travels back in time to medieval Italy in Torrent. The girls have fallen in love with handsome knights and want their dad to meet them. It also gives them a chance to experience life as a family again. He is dazed as the girls and their mother change into medieval gowns and arm themselves with weapons. Clearly they have grown up since he last saw them.

They must decide whether to give up their lives in the present-day. The girls face injuries, torture, kidnapping, and a forced marriage. But they want to remain with their true loves for as long as possible, even though something even more terrifying is coming — the Black Plague. In the face of what they know, what will they decide about their future with their knights?

Torrent has action, adventure, romance, strong plot and character development. Her heroines are not “damsels in distress” – they are called “She-Wolves of Sienna” because they are actively involved in the fighting.  The heroes are men of honor, “knights in shining armor” that will appeal to any reader. There is a strong sense of family, faith (appropriate, not preachy), and love. The romance is courtly and honorable. The series is a clean read, despite the battles fought.

Highly recommended for young adults, teens, and adult readers.

— reprinted from Christian Library Journal,  February/April 2012.

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