Review: THREE WISHES / by Lisa T. Bergren

Three Wishes, / by Lisa T. Bergren (River of Time: California, 1)
Bergren Creative Group     ISBN     9781530674695
Young Adult     Rating: 3

three wishes

Lisa Bergren kicks off her new young adult historical fiction series featuring a contemporary teen living an extraordinary adventure in the old California, 180 years in the past.

In Three Wishes, seventeen-year-old Zara Ruiz is reeling from her beloved abuela’s death. Walking along the beach, she remembers their last conversation in which her grandmother who raised her, asks Zara what she wants most from life. Zara makes three wishes, never expecting that those wishes might come true (an adventurous life, true love, and family). Shortly after that, she is thrust 180 years into the past where she meets a handsome ranchero and his family. Will her wishes come true in that past, or will she return to her world? Will the secrets in Javier’s family change her future?

Bergren is known for her historical detailed research, strong plot development, and excellent characterization. Like her earlier River of Time series, she writes strong female characters who are independent yet vulnerable, with men who are chivalrous and handsome. Three Wishes, the first of Bergren’s new young adult historical time-travel series, is a clean romance (no more than heated kisses) with adventure and plot twists a-plenty. Although self-published, Three Wishes is another addition to Bergren’s growing list of young adult fiction. Her series have a strong sense of faith (evident but not preachy), courtly love, and family.

Highly recommended for young adults, teens, and adult readers. Fans of young adult historical fiction will enjoy Bergren’s new series. The next book in this series, Four Winds, will be published shortly.

Carol R. Gehringer

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