Review: STARRING ME / by Krista McGee

Starring me / Krista McGee
INT/HS, grades 7-12, rating: 4. Paperback.

Krista McGee returns with another contemporary young adult novel, loosely based on the story of Isaac and Rebecca. A teen girl faces a month-long audition for a variety show co-starring a current teen heartthrob, unaware that it is her character, not her singing and acting skills, being auditioned.

In Starring Me, seventeen-year-old Kara moves from New York to Orlando to share a house with nine other contestants and a housemother. Kara does not know that Flora, the housemother, is watching them as part of the audition. All Kara knows is that a celebrity is lined up as the co-host for the teen variety show, but she doesn’t know their identity.

Chad Beacon is a Christian performer who wants to select a Christian co-host, without letting any of the girls knowing who he is. Kara is not a Christian, though, until the audition is almost over and Kara gets serious about God. Kara thinks she has lost the audition to another girl and will have to give up her acting dream. When the audition
results and the co-star are finally revealed, everyone is surprised.

McGee has written an enjoyable modern version of Isaac and Rebecca. Anyone familiar with the story will recognize the parallels. Kara was one of the characters in McGee’s earlier novel, First Date. Jonathon and Addy, the two main characters from that book, are part of this story as well. It is a fun, light read, with good character development.

Teens will relate to Kara and the other main characters. Though there is an attraction between Kara and Chad, it is a clean romance; the teens do not kiss nor act inappropriately.

Recommended for public and school libraries.

— reprinted from Christian Library Journal, Feb. 2013.

Disclaimer: Book reviews are my opinion of books I either purchased or received free of cost from the publisher in exchange for a honest review.

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