Review: SONGKEEPER / by Gillian Bronte Adams

Songkeeper, / by Gillian Bronte Adams  (The Songkeeper Chronicles, 2)
Enclave     ISBN     9781621840695
Young Adult     Grades 6-8     Rating:     4

Gillian Bronte Adams  returns with another installment in her young adult fantasy series.

In Songkeeper, young Songkeeper Birdie and former street thief Ky are captives on a slave ship, and Amos the peddler manages to eventually rescue them. Then Ky returns to his hometown to lead his friends in the Underground to safety. Birdie goes on a journey to a mysterious spring that supposedly only the Songkeeper could unleash to defeat the final darkness. But Birdie continues to face doubts about her abilities and her role in that battle. Her capture by the Takran causes her to face her greatest fear: she is powerless and the Song is silent. Will her friends – her protectors — be casualties in the battle with Takran? What awaits them all?

Adams’ well-developed world includes likeable, colorful characters and incredible creatures. Her second book has a number of plot twists, ending on another cliffhanger. Unlike some trilogies, this middle book doesn’t suffer from being just a bridge between the first and third book – it is strongly written and leaves the reader eagerly anticipating the final book, Song of Leira. This novel is darker than the first book, with violence that is appropriate for the battle between the forces of evil and good. While it is a Christian fantasy, though God is never directly mentioned by name, it is a subtle allegory.

Recommended for high school libraries, young adults, and fantasy fans. Songkeeper won the Gold Medal, The Illumination Awards in 2017.

Carol R. Gehringer

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