Review: SONG OF LEIRA, / by Gilliam Bronte Adams

Song of Leira, / by Gillian Bronte Adams  (The Songkeeper Chronicles, 3)
Enclave     ISBN     9781683700869
Young Adult     Grades 6-8     Rating:     5

Gillian Bronte Adams  returns with the conclusion to her young adult fantasy series  featuring the requisite orphan hero (in this case, heroine), grouchy adult figure (Amos), mythical creatures (the talking cat, the griffin, etc.), and allegorical references to Christianity.

In Song of Leira,the young Songkeeper Birdie retreats into the mountainside after her journey into the Pit and the battle that ensued. The casualty count was high, and she sang many to their final rest. This strengthened her resolve to fight evil, despite the cost and rebuilds hope in many. Former street thief Ky enlists Birdie’s aid to free the captives from the slave camps, but Takhtan has singers of his own leading his army. When all looks darkest, Birdie answers the call.

Adams pens a tightly-written conclusion to her epic fantasy, complete with an final battle between good and evil. In the previous book, the main characters were devastated after their battle with Takhtan (the evil), causing them reconsider whether to press on in a fight they’d most likely lose or surrender in despair. The Song calls to Birdie, the Songkeeper, to rise above the heartbreak around her and to sing hope to those around her. Birdie plays a pivotal role and becomes confident (but not cocky). She has grown tremendously since the first book, as has Adams’ writing.

Adams speaks a clearly Christian message without preaching, as Birdie recognizes that the Master Singer has everything in control, even when things don’t make sense. Birdie and Ky respond by putting one foot in front of the other, continuing to do what they have been called to do, to “fight the good fight.”

Highly recommended for epic fantasy fans, public libraries and school libraries.

Carol R. Gehringer

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