Review: PRECISELY TERMINATED / by Amanda L. Davis

Precisely Terminated (The Cantral Chronicles, 1) / Amanda L. Davis

HS Grades 8-12 Rating: 4

Amanda L. Davis makes her author debut in Precisely Terminated, perhaps the first fantasy series written by a young adult for young adults. The fate of millions rests on the shoulders of Monica and her ability to do what no one else can do: destroy the computers holding the Cillineese people captive for centuries.

In Precisely Terminated, microchips are implanted in the Cillineese at birth. These chips track the movements, and control the food supply of slaves and nobles, alike. Slaves live below ground while working aboveground for the nobles. Sixteen-year-old Monica is a noble who avoided the implanting at birth. She also escaped death when she was four years old, when her nurse sacrifices herself to save her. Monica goes into hiding and lives with the slaves. She assumes the identity of dying slaves (male, female, young, and old) while the slave council plots to use her chip-free abilities. Monica begins a dangerous journey to shut down the computers, she does not know whom she can trust or what it will cost her to fulfill her mission.

Like most dystopian novels, the story starts off dark and gloomy, but it does not stay there. Monica demonstrates self-sacrifice and love as she risks all to save the Cillineese people. This book is both plot and character-driven. Davis puts details into the history and background, taking the reader into Monica’s world.

Since this is the first of a trilogy, no doubt the remaining books will address some of the questions left unanswered.  It is an engaging, wholesome dystopian book, one that is sure to appeal to teens, especially the Hunger Games fans. The second book, Noble Imposter, is expected in 2012.

Recommend for teen collections in public libraries, as well as school libraries.

–reprinted with permission from Christian Library Journal, Feb.-April 2012.

Disclaimer: Book reviews are my opinion of books I either purchased or received free of cost from the publisher in exchange for a honest review.