Review: ORPHAN’S SONG / by Gillian Bronte Adam

Orphan’s Song, / by Gillian Bronte Adams (The Songkeeper Chronicles, 1)
Enclave     ISBN     9781683700289
Young Adult     Grades 6-8     Rating:     4

Gillian Bronte Adams launches a new epic fantasy series for young adult readers, filled with unlikely heroes and heroines, and of course, a battle between good and evil.

In Orphan’s Song, twelve-year-old orphaned Birdie is haunted by five notes of a melody that only she can hear. Imagine her surprise when she hears the Song coming out of her own mouth and gets the attention of a nearby soldier Soon she is forced to flee for her life. But she is and she is rescued by the traveling peddler Amos. She joins up with Amos and Ky to avoid those who would silence the Song.

Adams creates a believable world filled with talking animals, pirates, and dwarves in this action-filled adventure. In addition to colorful characters, there are a number of plot twists and turns. Written from several points-of-view, the threads of the story come together by the end of the first book to set up the storyline for the next book. This epic fantasy has the requisite orphan hero (in this case, heroine), grouchy adult figure (Amos), mythical creatures (the talking cat, the griffin, etc.), and allegorical references to Christianity.

The theme of knowing one’s God-given purpose permeates the story. Birdie grows from a timid young girl to one who recognizes her identity as the Songkeeper. In every generation, a Songkeeper maintains the melody originally sung by the Master Singer. Birdie has to discover the power of the Song, the special gift she has in being a Songkeeper for her generation, and what role she will play in the coming conflict.

Recommended for high school libraries, young adults, and fantasy fans. Orphan’s Song was a finalist in the ACFW Carol Awards 2015.

Carol R. Gehringer

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