Review: KING / by R. J. Larson

King / by R. J. Larson. (Tales of the Infinite, 3)
Bethany House      ISBN 9780764209734
HS     Grades 8-12     Rating: 5

R. J. Larson returns with the final book in her young adult fantasy series inspired by the Old Testament. King is the story of Akabe, reluctant king of Siphra, who undertakes his dream: to rebuild the Infinite’s temple, but is it the will of the Infinite?

In King, Akabe escapes a poisoning attempt due to the Infinite’s intervention. Counseled by his advisors to marry and produce an heir, he proposes to Ela and is rejected. Akabe pursues his dream of rebuilding the temple without consulting the Infinite on the details. When marriage to a nobleman’s daughter is the key to obtaining the land needed for the temple, Akabe impulsively goes against his advisors’ counsel not to marry her. Their marriage aligns him with the very ones who are trying to kill him and destroy the temple rebuilding efforts. Her family openly worships the goddess Atea but does the queen?

Kien and Ela flee with Akabe and Caitria, the new queen of Siphra, when assassination attempts continue. When the queen and Ela are kidnapped while the men are out hunting, the men are tested in their obedience to the Infinite. Will they wait on his leading? Will the women be freed and the temple built?

Larson returns with another well-written fantasy inspired by biblical events. Her characters are realistic, flawed, and endearing. Full of suspense, fighting, plot twists, action, love, and faith, King is a worthy finale to the Tales of the Infinite series. King is an indication of how Ms. Larson’s continues to grow as a writer, and readers will look forward to her next book.

Disclaimer: Book reviews are my opinion of books I either purchased or received free of cost from the publisher in exchange for a honest review. Thanks to the publisher and NetGalley for an advance copy.

Carol R. Gehringer


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