Review: JUPITER WINDS / by C. J. Darlington

Jupiter Winds / by C. J. Darlington.
Mountainview Books     ISBN 9780989162135
HS     Rating: 4

jupiter winds

Award-winning author C. J. Darlington pens her first entry–Jupiter Windsin young adult speculative fiction. Two teenage sisters scratch out a living in a futuristic world where the Mazdaar government controls the people with required communication implants.

In Jupiter Winds, sixteen-year-old Grey Alexander and her fourteen-year-old sister Rin smuggle contraband to survive. The girls assume their parents are dead since they disappeared five years ago during a trip. A neighbor, Mrs. March, helps the sisters in the absence of their parents.

When General Yurkutz takes Grey to Jupiter to use her as bait to draw her scientist dad out of hiding, Mrs. March and Rin try to rescue her, using the spaceship their family hid. Separately, the girls discover that their parents (and their parents’ friends) were more than just revolutionaries who avoided the implants–they were part of a larger resistance effort (the Yien Dynasty). On Jupiter where some of the Earth’s extinct creatures still roam and human life is now sustainable, a battle is shaping up. Will their family be reunited? And who will win control over Jupiter

In Jupiter Winds, Darlington writes an engaging read–part science fiction, part dystopian, part suspense–which should appeal to its intended teen audience. The story is told from both sisters’ points-of-view. There is no romance but plenty of adventure, so the book should appeal to guys as well. Her characters are well-developed, her futuristic world is described in good detail, and the plot has several twists along the way. The faith element is integrated almost seamlessly, so Jupiter Winds should also appeal to the general market.

Recommended for high school collections and public libraries.

Carol R. Gehringer

—reprinted with permission, Christian Library Journal, 2015.

Disclaimer: Book reviews are my opinion of books I either purchased or received free of cost from the publisher in exchange for a honest review.


3 responses to “Review: JUPITER WINDS / by C. J. Darlington

  1. Joelle

    I wonder how they are living on a giant gas ball, a.k.a., Jupiter. Would the science in this book drive a well-informed person bonkers with inaccuracies?


  2. Good question — I’ll ask her and post it here. The story is set in 2160, and I was able to overlook any scientific inaccuracies because I was involved in the story.


  3. I asked the author. She said she thought about using a fictional planet but decided to use some of Jupiter’s features and ignore the science for her tale. It is a work of fiction, after all, and other well-known writers had done the same, including CS Lewis who set a story on Venus. For me, it was not a problem. I was more involved with the adventure of the story and its characters than whether it was scientifically feasible. I’m used to speculative fiction which stretches the boundaries of what is plausible based on what is known. Why don’t you try Jupiter Winds and let me know what you think?


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