Review: HEALER’S APPRENTICE / by Melanie Dickerson

The Healer’s Apprentice / Melanie Dickerson

HS (Adult)  Rating: 5

Loosely based on Sleeping Beauty, this debut historical romance by Melanie Dickerson is a delight for both teens and adults.

A woodcutter’s daughter is apprenticed to the healer but uneasy at the sight of blood. Seventeen year old Rose is determined to overcome this or she must return home and marry an older man selected by her mother. One day a handsome nobleman is seriously injured and brought to the healer’s house.  Frau Gerusha is away and Rose must tend to his wound. Rose and Lord Hamlin are attracted to one another but fight their growing feelings. Lord Hamlin is already betrothed to the mysterious Lady Salomea who has been in hiding for 17 years. He has been hunting for the evil Moncore, who has threatening her. Meanwhile, his younger brother Rupert, pursues Rose which flatters her but confuses her. Rose wrestles with whether it is God’s will for her to remain single, marry the younger brother or hope for more. Will there be a fairy tale ending?

Both Rose and Lord Hamlin show character development in the book as they struggle to choose duty, virtue, and honor over personal interests. The details in this medieval German setting are exquisite, making it an ideal context for a courtly romance. The other characters – especially Frau Gerusha, Rose’s best friend Hildy, Moncore, and Rupert — add depth to the story.

Highly recommended for public libraries and high school libraries.

— reprinted with permission from Christian Library Journal, Feb. 2011.

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