Review: FROM DARKNESS WON / by Jill Williamson

From Darkness Won / Jill Williamson (Blood of Kings, 3)

HS (MS)    Rating: 5 (out of 5)

Jill Williamson presents the finale to By Darkness Hid (2009 Christy award winner) and To Darkness Fled (2010 Christy award winner). From Darkness Won continues the story of Vrell and Achan amid the challenges they face after their dangerous journey into Darkness.

Lady Avrella flees an arranged marriage by pretending to be a boy, Vrell. She joins Achan, an orphaned boy training to be a squire. Together they encounter enemies as they venture into Darkness to rescue an imprisoned army to help them defeat the evil prince, Esek and establish the new king chosen by Arman, the one true God.

While serving as a healer to another prince, Vrell is attacked and loses her memory of their relationship and their earlier adventures. She also forgets that Achan was selected as Arman’s true Crown Prince. She leaves him and resumes her original identity at Lady Avrella as he gathers troops loyal to him to claim the throne.

This book is both character and plot-driven. There are many twists and turns in the plot, making it a gripping story to read. Although the book is long (660 pages), it is highly engaging, especially to fans of speculative fiction. Given her track record with her first two books, Williamson has written another potential award winner!

Those who delight in swords, sorcery, good vs. evil, political and spiritual intrigue, will be captivated by this well-written epic series in Christian fantasy. A brief interview with the author is found at the end of this book.

Recommended for middle and high school libraries, as well as young adult fiction collections in public libraries

— reprinted with permission, Christian Library Journal, October 2011.

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