Review: FOUND IN TRANSLATION [and] LOST IN DREAMS / by Roger and Kristi Rae Bruner

Found in Translation / by Roger Bruner and Kristi Rae Bruner (An Altered Hearts Novel, 1)
Barbour     ISBN97816026017
YA     Rating: 3

Lost in Dreams / by Roger Bruner and Kristi Rae Bruner (An Altered Hearts Novel, 2)
Barbour     ISBN9781602604
YA     Rating: 3

found in translation lost in dreams

Roger and Kristi Rae Bruner write two realistic novels loosely based on her real experience on a life-changing mission trip during her teen years.

In Found in Translation, spoiled Kim Hartlinger arrives in Mexico. She expects to do evangelism in a resort town and packs accordingly. Instead Kim finds out she will be doing construction work in a remote village. Her choice is to go home or “rough it” – and learn the real meaning of serving others as she steps outside her comfort zone. Kim surrenders her plans and grows in sensitivity to others as she ministers to others.

In Lost in Dreams, Kim returns from her life-changing mission trip with a stronger faith and a determination to have a better relationship with her parents. But the minute she steps off the plane, she faces the unthinkable: her mother is in an automobile accident on the way to the airport. As Kim struggles with feeling guilty for causing the accident (at least in her mind), she learns to forgive herself and trust in God’s love.

The Bruners (father and daughter in real life) do a good job of recounting Kim’s adventures as she learns to rely on God. The white teenager becomes best friends with a black teen girl also on the mission trip. It begins to change her worldview. Found in Translation would be a good book to read before heading out on a short-term mission trip. It might alter one’s self-perceptions of the people they will encounter – and what obedience to God’s call might mean.

Recommended for school and public libraries with teen collections.

Carol R. Gehringer

Disclaimer: Book reviews are my opinion of books I either purchased or received free of cost from the publisher in exchange for a honest review.


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