Review: ESME’S GIFT, / by Elizabeth Foster

Esme’s Gift, / by Elizabeth Foster (Esme Trilogy, 2)
Odyssey Books     ISBN    9781925652833
MG/YA (ages 12+)     Rating: 4

Australian author Elizabeth Foster returns with a second book in her middle grade/young adult fantasy trilogy. 

In Esme’s Gift, fifteen year old Esme Silver tries to get her father to return with her to Aeolia, but he is broken by Esme’s disappearance (in Esme’s Wish). Her stepmother is in full control, and Esme discovers some startling information about her. She is torn between Aeolia where her mother lies in a coma and the “real” world where her father lives. Her father doesn’t believe Aeolia really exists.   

Reluctantly Esme returns  to Aeolia to learn more about her gift. Daniel, Lillian, and Esme attend school together in Esperance where they learn about mastering their gifts. When Esme discovers that a special elixir might cure her ailing mother, her friends Daniel and Lillian join her on a journey to gather the magical ingredients. It makes them face their biggest fears, find hope in the darkness, and deepens their friendship. Can they find the ingredients in time? Will it work?

Esme’s Gift is more action-packed and a little darker than Esme’s Wish, yet the reader will be engaged in the story. It is a story about never giving up, never losing hope. The characters show growth as the friends face dragons, oracles, secrets, and more in their journey to find all the elixir’s ingredients. Esme is determined to do whatever is needed to help her mother. 

Foster does an excellent job in creating Aeolia and building on the world she first created in Esme’s Wish. The various gifts experienced by the teens are original and delightful as they are unveiled. 

Carol R. Gehringer

Disclaimer: Book reviews are written for books I either purchased or received free of cost from the publishers, publicists, or authors. The author gifted me with a copy of this book. I was not required to write a review on it.


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