Daughter of Light Blog Tour

Daughter of Light /by Morgan L. Busse

Marcher Lord Press  ISBN 9781935929499

Adult (HS  Grades 10-12)     Rating: 4

What if with one touch you could see inside the soul?

 Daughter of Light by Morgan L. Busse

Rowen Mar finds a strange mark on her hand, and she is banished from her village as a witch. She covers the mark with a leather glove and seeks sanctuary in the White City. She lives in fear that if she touches another person, the power inside her will trigger again, a terrifying power that allows her to see the darkness inside the human heart . . .

But the mark is a summons, and those called cannot hide forever. For the salvation of her people lies within her hand.

*     *     *


https://i0.wp.com/www.jillwilliamson.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/02/Morgan.jpg                        Morgan L. Busse writes speculative fiction for the adult market. She is the author of Daughter of Light and Son of Truth, the first two books in a series from Marcher Lord Press. Morgan lives in the Midwest with her husband and four children. You can find out more about Morgan at www.morganlbusse.com or on her Facebook page:https://www.facebook.com/morganlbusseauthor,

*     *     *

Team Novel Teen is a group of bloggers dedicated to spreading the word about clean teen fiction. Check out other posts about Daughter of Light by Morgan L. Busse by clicking on the links below.

MY REVIEW:  I loved it! I give it 4 out of 5 stars:

  • excellent plot development and world-building
  • love the premise and Rowen (main character)
  • light romance, strong faith elements, descriptive narration
  • Finalist for the 2013 Christy Award for Visionary Novel
  • Finalist for the 2013 Grace Award for Speculative Fiction
  • can’t wait for the next installment, Son of Truth

I’ll post my full review within the next day or so.

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