Review: BLUE DOOR [and] HIDDEN DEEP [and] BROKEN WINDOW [and] GARDEN GATE / by Christa Kinde

Garden Gate / Christa Kinde (Threshold Series, 1)
ZonderKidz     ISBN     978031072

Hidden Deep / Christa Kinde (Threshold Series, 2)
ZonderKidz     ISBN     978031072

Broken Window / Christa Kinde (Threshold Series, 3)
ZonderKidz     ISBN     978031072

Garden Gate / Christa Kinde (Threshold Series, 4)
ZonderKidz     ISBN     9780310724971

MS     Grades 5-8    Rating: 4

The Garden Gate / by Christa Kinde. (Threshold series, 4)

Zondervan     ISBN     978-0310724971


The Broken Window / by Christa Kinde. (Threshold series, 3)

Zondervan     ISBN     978-0310724919


The Hidden Deep / by Christa Kinde. (Threshold series, 2)

Zondervan     ISBN     978-0310724896


The Blue Door / by Christa Kinde. (Threshold series, 1)

Zondervan     ISBN     978-0310724193

MS    Grades     6-9     Rating:     4



 blue door  hidden deep  broken window  garden gate


Christa Kinde makes her author debut with The Blue Door, the first of a four-book series, involving angels, demons, and a ordinary teenage girl with an extraordinary ability: she can see what others cannot.

The Blue Door opens with fourteen-year-old Prissy Pomeroy who lives with her parents and five brothers at the family orchard. Prissy discovers she can see angels when she meets a young male angel, Koji — and her life is never the same. With this ability, Prissy is privy to the spiritual warfare going on around her. Even the angels wonder why she has this ability. What is her role in the ongoing battle?

The Hidden Deep continues the story of Prissy and her angel friends. Prissy struggles to concentrate on school and her daily life as she is drawn further into the spiritual world. Life is not as perfect as it seems, as she discovers the sinister side of the supernatural world. She learns an apprentice angel was kidnapped from her family’s orchard and a tiny angel may hold the key to victory.

The Broken Window finds Prissy preparing for her family’s Christmas traditions, while her hometown is shaken by an invisible war. Demons target Prissy as they clash with angels. Is she in danger because of her ability to see angels or does she have the ability to see angels because she is in danger? While she is dealing with typical teen life (boys, school, family, faith, and friends), the demons are preparing to battle her angel friends.

The Garden Gate starts with the aftermath of a storm that shakes the foundation of Prissy’s faith. When her faith is tested, will Prissy be able to stay true in her faith? By this book, we have seen her grow and mature in her faith, even when faced with difficulties – her father’s bakery burns, and her closest angel friend is reassigned elsewhere.

Christa Kinde showcases her storytelling abilities in these highly imaginative novels. The first three books end with cliffhangers, making it better for the reader to read them in sequence since they build on one another. They are clean reads, without violence but implied danger. Readers’ imaginations will be captivated as they read these stories of adventure and spiritual warfare.

Recommended for public and school libraries.

Carol R. Gehringer

–reprinted with permission, Christian Library Journal





Disclaimer: Book reviews are my opinion of books I either purchased or received free of cost from the publisher in exchange for a honest review. Thanks to Zondervan for an advance reading copy of The Garden Gate.

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