Review: TWO RENEGADE REALMS / by Donita K. Paul

Two Renegade Realms / by Donita K. Paul (Realm Walkers, 2)
Zondervan     ISBN     9780310735816
MS     Grades 5-9     Rating:     4

renegade realms

Donita K. Paul continues her fantasy series aimed at middle school readers where dragons and humans fight side by side in a battle against evil in their realms.

In Two Renegade Realms, several years have passed since the attack by the corrupt Realm Walker Guild. Cantor D’Ahma and Bixby D’Mazeline have gone their own ways. During that time, Cantor has grown fifteen inches in height while searching for his long-lost mentors. Meanwhile Bixby and Dukmee have been hunting for the lost Library of Lymes. Bixby’s parents — the king and queen — ask Cantor to find the ancient information needed by the realm. In doing so, he meets up with Bixby and Dukmee.

Together, Cantor, Bixby, and Dukmee try to find the ancient Library of Lymes. They are also asked to rescue Chomountain (the legendary realm walker) from his imprisonment. But they find Chomountain has amnesia. Until they help him restore his memories, he will be unable to help them use the information from the Library. Faced with the impending invasion, they must find a way to find the answers they need, both to rescue Chomountain and to fight against the intruders on the renegade realms. Though they fight valiantly, the war is not over yet.

Middle school readers will enjoy this fantasy series with its excellent world-building, descriptive narrative, and endearing characters. The faith element is allegorical, and violence is appropriate where the battles take place. Readers will find themselves caught up in the antics of Bridger and his sister, as well as the idiosyncrasies of Chomountain, when he is suffering from amnesia.

Recommended for public libraries and school collections. Fans of Donita Paul’s earlier series and fantasy fans will not be disappointed! Book 3, The Prophecy of Three, will be published in January 2016.

Carol R. Gehringer


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