Review: SPIRIT FIGHTER / by Jerel Law

Spirit Fighter / by Jerel Law. (Son of Angels series, 1)
Thomas Nelson          ISBN 9781400318438
MS     Grades 4-8     Rating: 4

Jerel Law makes his debut in Spirit Fighter, the first book in the Jonah Stone: Son of Angels series, a spiritual fantasy aimed at younger readers ages 8-14 years old.

In Spirit Fighter, Jonah Stone is an average 7th grader, or so he thinks. Failing miserably at basketball tryouts, he kicks a stray soccer ball on his way home, sending it out of sight. When he tells his parents, Jonah discovers a family secret that turns his ordinary world upside down.

Jonah’s mom is a nephilim, the daughter of a human and a fallen angel, making Jonah one-quarter angel. It also gives him the tools to rescue his mom when fallen angels kidnap her. Who is behind the plot to kidnap all the nephilim and for what purpose? A guardian angel trains Jonah and his sister Eliza as they begin this adventure where good and evil forces collide in ways they never could have imagined. Can they rescue her in time?

Law spins an epic fantasy to delight younger readers. Fans of Percy Jackson (by Rick Riordan) and other fantasy series will be delighted in this epic adventure where spiritual warfare takes on a new meaning. His story, both plot-and-character-driven, is inspired by Genesis 6:4 and a good imagination. Readers will be engaged at the offering of spiritual gifts (shield of faith, sword of truth, etc.) in this battle of good vs. evil. Even reluctant readers will be caught up in this action-adventure taking place on the streets of New York and in the hidden realm.

Highly recommended for school libraries and public libraries, and for gift giving to younger readers.

Carol R. Gehringer

Disclaimer: Book reviews are my opinion of books I either purchased or received free of cost from the publisher in exchange for a honest review.

** Reprinted with permission, Christian Library Journal.


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