Review: SNEAK / by Evan Angler

Sneak (The Swipe series, 2) / Evan Angler

Thomas Nelson (September 4, 2012), ISBN 978-1400318421

MS Grades 5-8 Rating: 5

Evan Angler continues his dystopian series for middle school students, with Logan on the run after his best friend Erin betrayed him.

In Sneak, thirteen year old Logan follows a lead that his sister – who disappeared five years ago – was actually sent to Acheron, a secret prison. Because he is Markless, he has no means to pay for the things he needs. He travels via an underground Markless network to reach Acheron. A girl he meets gives him a banned book (the Bible) to read while he travels. Erin’s father is demoted due to her actions to help Logan. They move back to New Beacon where Logan and Hailey, a school friend, are headed. Erin wants to find Logan and help him, especially after finding documents that reveal the government’s true plan. Logan and Hailey meet up with Peck, who is also trying to rescue Logan’s sister.

When Logan finds his sister, things are not quite what he expects. Peck comes up with a daring plan to rescue Logan after his sister betrays him, resulting in Logan’s capture. In his despair, Logan cries out to God to give him strength to withstand the temptation to give in. The Markless rally to rescue Logan and to stand up against the government’s plan. Can they succeed against a powerful enemy?

Angler creates engaging suspense in telling this story. Unlike some dystopian novels, this one is not too dark for its target audience. The faith element is light and probably would be missed by most readers. Sneak ends with several questions unanswered; no doubt they will be addressed in the third book, coming in 2013.

Recommended for public libraries and school libraries.

See also SWIPE / Evan Angler.

Disclaimer: Book reviews are my opinion of books I either purchased or received free of cost from the publisher in exchange for a honest review.

Carol R. Gehringer


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