Review: FLIGHT OF THE OUTCASTS / by Alistair McElrath

Flight of the outcasts / Alistair McElrath (The Aedyn Chronicles)
INT (MS) Rating: 3

The Flight of the Outcasts is Alister McGrath’s second book in The Aedyn Chronicles. Voytek Nowakowski provides black and white illustrations with an old-world charm in this fantasy series, reminiscent of C. S. Lewis.

British teens Peter and Julia wonder if their earlier journey to Aedyn was a dream. When two annoying step-sisters join their family after their father remarries, Peter and Julia decide to run away. They fall into a river and find themselves back in Aedyn―followed by their whiny stepsister Louisa !

The children discover that Aedyn has fallen into disarray. The people were captured and are working as slaves, digging a deep tunnel at the base of a volcano. The deeper they dig, the more the earth trembles. No one seems to know what they are digging for. To find out, Peter travels back home to locate a jewel that fits into Julia’s necklace. Louisa has a vital role in the story―she sings the words to the ancient prophecy that unravels the mystery. The three children must find the courage to free the slaves, and bring them back to Aedyn before the volcano explodes.

Character and plot development appears rougher than in the first book and the ending is rather abrupt The character of the Lord of Hosts is underdeveloped and mentioned briefly; otherwise the spiritual overtone is more allegorical.

There are many parallels to The Chronicles of Narnia: British children visiting another world, a whiny relative, written by an Oxford professor, and entry into this world differs with each trip.

This book is geared towards ages 9-12 years of age, although middle school readers will like it as well.
Recommended for all school libraries and public libraries.

–reprinted with permission, Christian Library Journal, June 2011.

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