Review: FIRE PROPHET [and] SHADOW CHASER [and] TRUTH RUNNER / by Jerel Law

Fire Prophet / by Evan Angler (Son of Angels series, 2)
Thomas Nelson          ISBN 9781400318452
MS     Grades 4-8     Rating: 4

Shadow Chaser / by Evan Angler (Son of Angels series, 3)
Thomas Nelson          ISBN 9781400321995
MS     Grades 4-8     Rating: 4

Truth Runner / by Evan Angler (Son of Angels series, 4)
Thomas Nelson          ISBN 9781400322879
MS     Grades 4-8     Rating: 4


Jerel Law continues his Jonah Stone: Son of Angels series (a spiritual fantasy aimed at younger readers) with Fire Prophet, Shadow Chaser, and Truth Runner. In each book, Jonah and his siblings join the battle between the supernatural forces of good (angels) and evil (fallen angels). As children of a nephilim (see Genesis 6:4), they are uniquely qualified to join in this battle, but to do so will cost them.

Fire Prophet takes place one year after thirteen-year-old Jonah and his sister discover they are quarterlings (one-quarter angels; their mother was part human, part fallen angel). This gives them unique powers to fight in the spiritual realm. Jonah and Eliza undergo training to help them discover and understand their own spiritual gifts. They use them to rescue a prophet held captive by the fallen angels. The prophet holds the key to winning the battle between good and evil. Will they rescue the prophet in time?

In Shadow Chaser, Jonah’s little brother Jeremiah joins his siblings and other children of nephilim at the Angel School. Here they learn how their special powers can be used against the fallen angels and their supernatural forces. But things are getting difficult for Jonah as he experiences some of the trials of a modern-day Job (from the Old Testament). Will he be able to withstand his trials as they affect his health, his possessions, his relationships, and even his strength–or will he lose his faith in his toughest personal battle?

In Truth Runner, the story picks up six months after Jonah’s grief has caused him to run from Angel School, leaving Eliza and Jeremiah behind. He turns his back on them, runs home, and tries to fit in as a “normal” teen, but it isn’t working. Everywhere he goes, he sees the clash between good and evil. Although he tries to ignore the spiritual realm, he can still see the fallen angels and the evil they create, especially with his friends. Will he choose to ignore the battle around him or remember his calling and fight?

Law spins an epic fantasy to delight younger readers, who will be thrilled with this epic adventure where spiritual warfare takes on a new meaning. His books are inspired by Genesis 6:4 and other stories in the Old Testament. Readers will be caught up in this action-adventure taking place on the streets of New York and in the hidden realm.

Recommended for school libraries and public libraries. Law’s fantasy series will appeal to readers of other action-adventure series.

Disclaimer: Book reviews are my opinion of books I either purchased or received free of cost from the publisher in exchange for a honest review. Thanks to NETGALLEY and the publishers for advance reading copies.

Carol R. Gehringer

–Reprinted with permission, Christian Library Journal.


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