Review: Robo Tales series / Jill Williamson

Mardok and the Seven Exiles / Jill Williamson (Robo Tales, 2)
Novel Kids     ISBN     9780996294522
INT     Grades 4-5     Rating: 4

Tinker / Jill Williamson (Robo Tales, 1)
Novel Kids     ISBN     9780996294508
INT     Grades 4-5     Rating: 3

tinker mardok

Award-winning author Jill Williamson and her son, Luke Williamson co-author this series aimed at young readers, featuring a robotic dog.

In Tinker, thirteen year old Tinker lives with his uncle and two cousins, Grezzer and Ratch on the planet Kitz. Although his uncle owns the repair shop, Tinker does most of the work. When the Invention Institute holds a Recycle Race, Tinker builds an airbike to compete against his cousins. They sabotage his entry, and a robot dog named Robo helps him fix his entry in time. Who will win the Race and the coveted apprenticeship to the Invention Institute?

In Mardok and the Seven Exiles, Robo flies to the moon Relo on his way to President Cassian. Cadet Riv Mardok is asked by General Gruss to hunt down the Ice Beast. He eagerly accepts the quest but finds himself trapped a deep pit in the forest. When he calls for help, it is Robo to the rescue. Together with the other exiles, they pursue the Ice Beast, discovering that General Gruss is behind the strange things happening at the Space Force Military Academy. Can they stop him before Robo flies off to the President?

Although self-published, these books are will appeal to its intended audience, readers in grades 4-6. The futuristic spin on a Cinderella story (Tinker) and Snow White (Mardok and the Seven Exiles) will delight readers. In light of the Makerspace movement in libraries, this reviewer recommends Tinker  for book clubs.

Recommended for public and school libraries. The third book in the series, The Tiny Cyborg, will be available in 2018.

Carol R. Gehringer

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