Review: IMAGINE . . . THE GREAT FLOOD [and] IMAGINE . . . THE TEN PLAGUES / by Matt Koceich

Imagine: The Great Flood, /by Matt Koceich
Barbour     ISBN     9781683221296
Grades 3-6     Rating: 4

Imagine: The Ten Plagues, / byMatt Koceich
Barbour     ISBN     9781683223801
Grades 3-6     Rating: 4


Matt Koceich  creates a new adventure series for readers that will capture their imagination as they experience the biblical events in these books.

In The Great Flood, Corey Max’s family is planning a move across the country, but ten-year-old Corey is not looking forward to it. While chasing his dog into the woods, Corey falls. Suddenly, life as he knew it, disappears. When he awakes, Corey is back in ancient Mesopotamia, just before the flood takes place. Corey experiences the story of Noah’s ark firsthand, including opposition to Noah’s venture.

In The Ten Plagues, eleven-year-old Kai Wells faces a school bully. When the confrontation turns into a fight that knocks her out, everything changes. Kai wakes up in a field in Ancient Egypt where the Israelites are enslaved. Moses goes to Pharoah to ask for their freedom, and Kai experiences the story of the ten plagues that God sends to convince Pharoah to let the Israelites go.

Matt Koceich  creates a world where a significant event is experienced through the eyes of a 8-12 year old. Like theI Survived series by Lauren Tarshis, this biblical historical fiction series allows the reader to experience history through the eyes of a young person. Historical details, engaging narrative, and a thrilling adventure await in each book. A third book, The Fall of Jericho, is expected in fall 2018.

Recommended for school and public libraries, especially fans of I Survived series by Lauren Tarshis. Hopefully these are the first of many books in this series for young readers.

– Carol R. Gehringer

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