Review: Glimmer Girls series / Natalie Grant

Light Up New York, / by Natalie Grant (Glimmer Girls, 4)
ZonderKidz     ISBN     9780310752745

Miracle in Music City, / by Natalie Grant (Glimmer Girls, 3)
ZonderKidz     ISBN     9780310752509

A Dolphin Wish, / byNatalie Grant (Glimmer Girls, 2)
ZonderKidz     ISBN     9780310752530

London Art Chase, / by Natalie Grant (Glimmer Girls, 1)
ZonderKidz     ISBN     9780310752653
INT    Ages 9-12    Rating:   3

Musician Natalie Grant pens her Glimmer Girls series for young girls, featuring the adventures of twins Mia and Maddie, and their little sister Lulu.

In London Art Chase, the Glimmer girls travel to London to watch their singer mom, Gloria Glimmer, perform at a concert. During their sightseeing at the National Gallery, they stumble upon a mystery – a stolen painting. Maddie and her sisters track the clue throughout London to recover the stolen artwork.

In A Dolphin Wish, the Glimmer family is in San Diego. When they visit a nearby water park, the girls overhear animal workers discussing the problem of animals not staying in their habitats. The girls revisit the sea park to look for clues. Mia leads the adventure to keep the animals safe.

In Miracle in the Music City, singer Gloria Glimmer wants her daughters to think of others’ needs. She gets them involved in an annual benefit and auction. The girls are  involved in more than just raising money – they have another mystery to solve!

In Light Up New York, the Glimmer family plan sightseeing while in New York for a benefit concert. As usual, the girls stumble across another mystery, and deal with sibling rivalry, and random acts of kindness.

Grant pens a delightful series for young readers with a family similar to her own (she has twins and a younger daughter in real life). The faith element is very evident, yet it is not preachy. The family prays together and tries to treat one another with kindness. The family motto is: “Glimmer Girls, Sparkle & Shine, But most of all, Be kind.” In each book, the girls investigate a light mystery they stumble across in each story. Together the Glimmer girls learn lessons about being good friends (and sisters), telling the truth, and following their instincts. The characters are appealing, the dialogue is genuine, and the storytelling is lively.

Recommended for public and school libraries.

Carol R. Gehringer

Disclaimer: Book reviews are my honest opinion of books I either purchased or received free of cost from the publishers, publicists, and/or authors. I am not required to write reviews, nor to even post positive reviews.


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