Review: FREEDOM SEEKER Series / by Lois Walfrid Johnson

Escape into the night / by Lois Walfrid Johnson (Freedom Seekers series, 1)
River North     ISBN 97808014802407160

Race for freedom / by Lois Walfrid Johnson (Freedom Seekers series, 2)
River North     ISBN 97808014802407177

Midnight rescue / by Lois Walfrid Johnson (Freedom Seekers series, 3)
River North     ISBN 97808014802407184

The swindler’s treasure / by Lois Walfrid Johnson (Freedom Seekers series, 4)
River North     ISBN 97808014802407191

Mysterious signal / by Lois Walfrid Johnson (Freedom Seekers series, 5)
River North     ISBN 97808014802407207

The fiddler’s secret / by Lois Walfrid Johnson (Freedom Seekers series, 6)
River North     ISBN 97808014802407214

INT     Grades 3-5     Rating: 4

Escape into the Night Escape into the Night Midnight Rescue
Race for Freedom Race for Freedom Race for Freedom

Prolific author Lois Walfrid Johnson releases her Freedom Seekers series, a historical fiction series for young readers about three children who face the danger of the Underground Railroad while living on a steamboat in 1857.

Escape Into the Night (book 1) introduces the captain’s daughter (Libby), the runaway slave (Jordan), and the cabin boy (Caleb). Libby comes to live on her father’s steamboat where she makes friends with the cabin boy. Caleb has a secret that involves her father. When she discovers Jordan, she uncovers Caleb’s tie with the Underground Railroad.  As slave catchers pursue Jordan, Libby must make a decision where she stands.

In Race for Freedom (book 2), Libby spots the cruel slave trader Riggs in the crowd getting ready to board the Christina, her father’s boat. She wonders if they will be able to keep Jordan safe and whether their actions will put them in jeopardy. Riggs vows that no slave will escape him alive – will his threat come true?

In Midnight Rescue (book 3), Libby makes a mistake that puts Jordan’s safety in jeopardy. She endangers the plan to rescue Jordan’s family when someone overhears her talking about it. Will she be able to regain their trust? Will they be able to rescue Jordan’s family?

Libby’s father, Captain Norstad, stands up to a swindler in The Swindler’s Treasure (book 4), but it may cost him his steamboat. Will they be able to recover the money stolen from her father before the payment is due on the steamboat? When they hear of another runaway heading their direction, can they find him before the slave catchers arrive?

In Mysterious Signal (book 5), Jordan travels to Chicago to deliver a financial gift to support other fugitive slaves. When a dangerous man escapes, the children are in danger if he recognizes them.  Libby is asked to make a sacrifice for her disguise, one that she isn’t sure she is willing to make. Will her willingness to forgive her aunt be the key?

The sound of an approaching steamboat is heard in the fog, deep in the night. The music of a fiddler calms the passengers after their close call with the oncoming steamboat in The Fiddler’s Secret (book 6). Still pursued by the cruel slave trader Riggs, the children face their toughest adventure yet. What is the fiddler’s secret and how does it affect them?

Johnson’s Freedom Seekers series is the republished version of The Riverboat Adventures, originally published by Bethany House. It is a 6-book series that will appeal to boys and girls ages 10 and up. Each book tells an independent story but they build on the earlier books. Each book also comes with a study guide with discussion questions.

Recommended for school and church libraries.

–Carol R. Gehringer

Disclaimer: Book reviews are my opinion of books I either purchased or received free of cost from the publisher in exchange for a honest review.

** Reprinted with permission, Christian Library Journal.


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