Review: ANDI UNEXPECTED / by Amanda Flower

Andi Unexpected / by Amanda Flower. (An Andi Boggs novel)
Zonderkidz     ISBN 9780310737018
INT     Grades 4-6     Rating: 4

Pre-publication copy reviewed

Agatha-nominated mystery writer Amanda Flower tries her hand at a children’s mystery. Following the deaths of both parents, twelve-year-old Andora Boggs moves to rural Killdeer, Ohio and uncovers a mystery surrounding another Andora Boggs in her family during the Great Depression.

In Andi Unexpected, Andora Boggs (Andi) and her older sister Bethany move in with their Aunt Amelie, a twenty-something professor living in the Boggs family home in Kildeer. When Andi introduces herself around town, some of the townsfolk react differently to her name. What is the reason behind their reactions? Why doesn’t anyone in town want to talk about the first Andora? Then Andi and her new friend Colin find the old trunk in the attic with the name “Andora” on it. Who was the owner and what really happened to her? What about the things they find in the trunk? Are they clues to the mystery surrounding her–the one the townspeople won’t talk about?

Flower writes a well-crafted mystery for children in which the central characters are children who uncover a mystery surrounding an ancestor. As they discover clues, the children find out that there are adults in their town who have a reason for stopping the investigation or who have their own reasons for using the information that the children discover.

One adult Andi and Colin trust turns out to be someone they shouldn’t have trusted, putting them both in danger. In the end, all the clues are uncovered and the mystery is solved, but not without some danger and plot twists. Andi Unexpected is a good start to a new series for middle grader readers.

Recommended for school and church libraries.

Carol R. Gehringer

Disclaimer: Book reviews are my opinion of books I either purchased or received free of cost from the publisher in exchange for a honest review.

**Reprinted with permission, Christian Library Journal.

Nominated for Agatha Award for Best Children’s/YA Novel, 2014.


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