Review: AN UNCOMMON COURTSHIP / by Kristi Ann Hunter

An Uncommon Courtship / by Kristi Ann Hunter (Hawthorne House, 3)
Bethany House     ISBN     9780764218262
Adult     Rating:     5


Kristi Ann Hunter pens her third book in the historical fiction series set in 1800s (Regency England) featuring the Hawthorne siblings.

In An Uncommon Courtship, Lady Adelaide Bell lived in the shadow of her older sister, while her mother’s efforts focused on getting her sister married. But now her mother plots an advantageous marriage on her behalf, even if it means setting up a situation to compromise her daughter’s reputation.

Lord Trent Hawthorne, the Duke’s brother, lives the life he wants, unencumbered by the responsibility of the dukedom. He plans to fall in love with his future wife in his own time, desiring a love-filled marriage modeled by his parents. Neither of them expect to find themselves in a marriage of convenience brought about by the scheming of Adelaide’s mother. Trent wants to give Adelaide the Season she never had and court her, so they fall in love and have the marriage they both deserve.

Hunter writes with historical detail, lacing the story with humor and courtly romance. This book differs from her earlier books: the main characters are married early in the story and then learn to love one another. They make mistakes in communicating with one another, and their physical relationship is awkward, as one would expect, given the situation.

Trent shows he is a man of honor by wanting to a loving relationship before addressing the physical aspect of marriage. Their physical union is handled tastefully off-stage and without excessive detail. Both Adelaide and Trent want to fall in love with each other and recognize that is vital to a happy marriage. Their relationship was courtly: respectable and clean, certainly appropriate for older teens.

Hunter’s books are filled with character development and a delight to read. Characters from earlier books reappear, to the delight of her fans. Her next book, An Inconvenient Beauty, is expected in September 2017. Recommended for public and school libraries.

Carol R. Gehringer

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