Review: LADY MAYBE / by Julie Klassen

Lady Maybe, / by Julie Klassen
Penguin     ISBN 9780425282076
Adult     Rating:   5

lady maybe

Award-winning author Julie Klassen is well-known for her inspirational Regency novels filled with entertaining dialogue, historical detail, and sweet romance. Klassen’s latest book, Lady Maybe, is no exception, though published by a different publisher.

Lady Maybe finds Miss Hannah Rogers, Lady Mayfield’s former companion, returning to secure the wages owed to her. Sir John Mayfield is taking his wife to an undisclosed location after releasing all their servants. Lady Mayfield persuades Miss Rogers to accompany them on the journey, even though she is clearly reluctant to do so.

Almost to their destination, their carriage has a most unfortunate accident, resulting in serious injury for all passengers. One person is killed, while others suffer from head injuries, and amnesia. The accident results in danger, romance, and complicated family secrets.

Klassen is known for her excellent plot and character development. Before the end of the first chapter, the reader is grabbed by the first of several plot twists, which keep the reader engaged until the final page. The faith elements are well-integrated, not heavy-handed. The spiritual references are light, until the Gospel message of forgiveness is presented. Discussion questions are also included.

Readers expecting a light read might be disappointed. Lady Maybe is more weighty and dark than her earlier books (extramarital affairs, deception, etc.), more like Charlotte Bronte’s Jane Eyre and Daphne du Maurier’s Rebecca. It is a fascinating read, with lots of plot twists, mystery, and historical details that one comes to expect from Ms. Klassen.

Her next work, The Painter’s Daughter,, is due later this year and will be published by Bethany House.

Recommended for public libraries as well as school libraries, especially for fans of historical fiction, and Jane Eyre!

Carol R. Gehringer