Review: A RETURN OF DEVOTION, / by Kristi Ann Hunter

A Return of Devotion, / by Kristi Ann Hunter (Haven Manor, 2)
Bethany     ISBN     9780764230769
Adult     Rating:     4


Kristi Ann Hunter pens a new inspirational historical novel in her Haven Manor series.

In A Return of Devotion, introverted Daphne Blakemoor lives as a housekeeper in a country home, surrounded by loved ones. Everything is thrown into chaos when the estate’s owner dies and the new marquis arrive, unaware that she has been running a home for the nobility’s unwanted illegitimate children. She gives them a home and trains them for a new life, often finding forever families for them. She likes her secluded life but it changes when William moves to the country.

Meanwhile William, Marquis of Chemford, was looking forward to a quiet life in the country after his father’s death. Meeting his housekeeper Daphne and her charges isn’t what he had in mind for a quiet life. Then he discovers how similar their lives are – both are hiding from the past. Can they face their past and find a future together?

Daphne finds that past has a way of catching up with her, even after twelve years. Daphne had a child out of wedlock, Benedict, whom she raises with the others. Benedict doesn’t know Daphne is his biological mother. Imagine his surprise when William arrives and there is a family resemblance between them. Is William his biological father or is it one of his relatives?

Hunter brings another well-written historical novel filled with faith and love that her fans will enjoy reading. The theme of forgiveness runs throughout the story. Daphne teaches the children that God’s love and forgiveness is available to everyone. While she believes it for others, she doesn’t believe it for herself. William strives to be different than his father.

Recommended for adult collections and Regency fiction fans.

Carol R. Gehringer

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