Review: RESCUE ME / by Susan May Warren

Rescue Me / by Susan May Warren. (Montana Rescue, Book 2)
Revell     ISBN 9780800727444
Adult     Rating: 5


Susan May Warren continues her new contemporary romance series, set in Montana and featuring park rescue professionals living in a close-knit community.

In Rescue Me, Deputy Sam Brooks is convinced Sierra Rose is perfect for him – she’s practical and organized, and totally opposite to her free-spirit sister, Willow, who has been secretly in love with Sam for years. Willow wants her sister to have a happily-ever-after ending with Sam, despite her own feelings for him. Sam thinks Willow, a volunteer youth leader, is naïve in her faith and her assessment of what the teens in the youth group need.

When circumstances force Sam and Willow to rely on one another for their safety and that of the kids in the youth group, they fight a strong attraction with one another. Eventually they begin to recognize their feelings and God’s purpose in their lives.

Warren does a superb job of creating a dramatic story of survival in Glacier National Park where the characters fight an angry grizzly bear, a wintry storm, and a car crash on several field trips. Both have a lot to learn about relying on God and appreciating the difference in the way God gifts a person. In Rescue Me, one learns that only God can rescue us from ourselves.

Characters from earlier stories make reappearances, and their stories move along a little bit, but this is mainly Willow and Sam’s story. Packed with excellent character and plot development, Warren draws vivid word pictures in her stories, with a faith element that is present but not preachy. Action, drama, adventure, flawed individuals, emotional and spiritual challenges are hallmarks of Warren’s books.

Recommended for public libraries and church libraries. The next book in the series, A Matter of Trust, is due latter this year (2017). Rescue Me was nominated for the 2017 Christy award.

Carol R. Gehringer

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