Reluctant prophet (Reluctant Prophet, 1) / Nancy Rue
Unexpected dismounts (Reluctant Prophet, 2) / Nancy Rue
Adult Rating: 5*

Prolific author Nancy Rue pens a contemporary series that will challenge readers to look carefully at their own lives. In this series, Allison Chamberlain is a forty-something who has not figured out what she wants to do when she is grows up. When she acts on the divine nudges, everything around her changes.

In Reluctant Prophet, after her pastor challenges his congregation, Allison is determined to follow God’s lead — even if it is a divine “nudge” to buy a Harley. Once she obeys, she goes places she normally wouldn’t go, meeting people she normally wouldn’t, like a local prostitute and addict. This is when her mission becomes clear and controversial. She doesn’t see herself as a prophet. Allison doesn’t foretell the future — she speaks the present truth, by speaking and responding to God’s nudges, even at the cost of others’ opinions. As she follows God’s leads, Allison continues to be misunderstood by her small group and her pastor, and they distance themselves from her.

In Unexpected Dismounts, Allison follows another divine nudge. She tries to adopt an orphan and opens up a home to take care of five former prostitutes. Like any Harley rider, she experiences unexpected dismounts when a distant relative challenges the adoption, a wealthy businessman tries to block her ministry, and a dear friend is seriously injured. She faces motorcycle accidents, more misunderstandings, and a court case. A secret from her past surfaces as she continues to encounter broken lives that God wants to heal.

By using flawed characters, Rue is able to point out flaws in the modern church and in us. Rue helps the reader to look past stereotypes by showing that healing and salvation is only available in Jesus. Both plot- and character-driven, this series shows what it means to really follow Jesus and what it might cost us. Both books include discussion questions and more information about nudges at work in the author’s own life.

–reprinted with permission, Christian Library Journal, February/April 2012.

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