Born of Persuasion / by Jessica Dotta. (Price of Privilege, 1).
Tyndale     ISBN     9781414375557
Adult     Rating: 5

Mark of Distinction / by Jessica Dotta. (Price of Privilege, 2).
Tyndale     ISBN     9781414375564
Adult     Rating: 5

Price of Privilege / by Jessica Dotta. (Price of Privilege, 3).
Tyndale     ISBN     978-1414375571
Adult     Rating: 5

born of persuasion mark of distinction price of privilege

Jessica Dotta weaves her fascination with Victorian England into her gothic Price of Privilege series. It follows Julia Elliston, a young woman who is orphaned and unmarried, during a time when women have no legal standing without a husband or father.

In Born of Persuasion, seventeen-year-old orphaned Julia finds herself in a precarious position when an unknown guardian plans to send her to Scotland as a widow’s companion. Hoping to avoid that, Julia tries to marry her childhood sweetheart but finds that is not an option. When a dowager offers to sponsor her, it seems that her problem may be solved. Before long, Julia finds out that she is a pawn between some powerful men. A hasty — but possibly fake — marriage to Chance Macy and the revelation of her true parentage complicate the direction of her future.

In Mark of Distinction, now under the protection of Lord Pierson, Julia walks a fine line between truth and illusion as he presents Julia to London society as his rightful heir. Julia discovers Pierson has plans of his own concerning Mr. Macy. The true identity of Chance Macy adds to the power struggle and Macy threatens Julia’s happiness. Convinced her marriage to Macy was a sham, she marries another in her attempt to regain control of her own fate.

In Price of Privilege, Julia escapes to her childhood home with her new husband, only to find their welcome is not as she expected. Together they face people who censor their actions without knowing the entire truth of their situation. The future is unclear, as the truth and lies begin to unravel for all concerned. Meanwhile Julia experiences a spiritual awakening in the midst of her trials. Is she a bigamist or a victim? Did Pierson commit fraud? Is Macy a villain or protector? What is the truth? What is the price of living a life of privilege?

Jessica Dotta presents a series with historical detail, character development, and surprising plot twists. Intrigue, deception, and treachery abound in this gothic series. The faith element is light but evident, especially in Julia’s spiritual journey. Each book has discussion questions, making it a suitable candidate for book clubs.

Fans of the Bronte sisters and Victoria Holt will rejoice at finding a new author of Victorian romantic suspense with its gothic nuances.

Recommended for public and school libraries.

Carol R. Gehringer

—reprinted with permission, Christian Library Journal, 2014.

Disclaimer: Book reviews are my opinion of books I either purchased or received free of cost from the publisher in exchange for a honest review.


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