Review: THE PAINTER’S DAUGHTER / by Julie Klassen

The Painter’s Daughter / by Julie Klassen
Bethany House     ISBN 9780764210723
Adult (HS)     Rating: 5

painters daughter

Award-winning author Julie Klassen pens her newest inspirational Regency novel, filled with love and redemption, and family relationships.

In The Painter’s Daughter, Sophie Dupont helps her father by painting the backgrounds in his work, unbeknownst to others. When not painting, Sophie wanders the Devon coast where she meets fellow artist Wesley Overtree.

Captain Stephen Overtree , home on leave, is sent to find his brother. He travels to Devonshire and meets Sophie. When he realizes that Wesley has sailed to Italy without knowing Sophie is pregnant, Stephen offers to save her from scandal by marrying her before he returns to his regiment. How will Wesley react to the news that he is a father of Sophie’s child and Sophie is now married to Stephen? Will Sophie regret her decision?

Klassen is known for her excellent plot and character development. The faith elements are not heavy-handed. Elements of a gothic novel — family secrets and secret passages – enrich the storyline. Stephen and Sophie are likeable characters, and the secondary characters – like their former nanny — are delightful as well.

Klassen moves beyond the typical plot of a heroine ruined by one brother and saved by another by adding a number of twists to keep the reader’s attention.

. Her addition of battle scenes capture the danger faced by the soldiers during the Napoleonic War. Stephen doubted he would return after the war, and that Sophie would most likely become a widow before Wesley’s return.

It is a fascinating read, filled with mystery and attention to historical details that one comes to expect from Ms. Klassen. Discussion questions are also included.

Recommended for adults and older teens (ages 15+), especially for fans of historical fiction, and Jane Eyre!

Carol R. Gehringer

Disclaimer: Book reviews are my opinion of books I either purchased or received free of cost from the publisher in exchange for a honest review.