Review: NEVER FORGET / by Jody Hedlund

Never Forget / by Jody Hedlund (Beacons of Hope, 5)
Northern Lights Press     ISBN 9780692770870
Adult     Rating:     5


Jody Hedlund pens another installment in her historical fiction series, this one set in coastal Rhode Island during the 1880s.

In Never Forget, Abbie Watson cares for her aging grandfather and the Rode Island Lighthouse, trying to keep them both going. Her grandfather is showing signs of senility, which may lead to their eviction.

Wealthy playboy Nathaniel Winthrop suffers a concussion in a yachting accident, making him lose his recent memories, and washing him up on Rose Island. His memory loss causes him to forget the type of man he was – a “bad boy” among Newport’s social elite.

As Abby tends to Nathaniel, he mistakenly assumes he is her husband, Nate, who deserted her recently. He is determined to be a better husband and assistant lightkeeper. Abby doesn’t correct him because his presence soothes Gramps and prevents their possible eviction. What will happen when the truth is discovered? What happened to Nate? Who is digging for treasure on their island? Will Nathaniel leave, continuing his reformed life elsewhere? What will become of her and Gramps?

Hedlund excels in well-researched historical details and rich character development. While this self-published book stands alone, readers might find it helpful to read the earlier books (published by Bethany) to understand the significance of the driftwood cross. These books are a blend of romance and mystery. The faith element is light, with the main characters facing their broken pasts to find their ultimate security in God, not in their circumstances. Nathaniel recovers his memory, discovers what a sinful life he lead, and determines to live a changed life with God’s help.

Recommended for public and church libraries, and fans of her earlier books. See reviews for Forever Safe, Undaunted Hope, and Beacons of Hope series.

Carol R. Gehringer

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