The Long Journey to Jake Palmer: A Novel, / by James L. Rubart
Thomas Nelson     ISBN    9781401686130
Adult     Rating:     4

James Rubart, author of The Five Times I Met Myself, pens an inspirational contemporary fantasy for adults.

In The Long Journey to Jake Palmer, Jake Palmer is a successful corporate trainer who coaches others to see their potential. Broken and unsure of life after his accident and recent divorce, Jake agrees to a vacation at Willow Lake with friends. There he meets an old man who tells him about a corridor leading to a place where hurts are healed and dreams come true. Can he find that place and its promises?

Rubart weaves a story with twists and turns, one that draws the reader into Jake’s journey as he explores the ways he thinks others see him. Jake is a broken man on a journey to rediscover his self-worth.

Rubart shows we all are flawed, buying into the labels we think others put on us (or we put on ourselves based on what we think they think about us).The Long Journey to Jake Palmer shows us that we can be free of those labels, and reveals Jake’s self-reflection in such a way that the reader clearly sees the themes of emotional healing and forgiveness. It is not a typical fantasy, filled with talking animals or mythical beings, yet it touches one’s heart by asking, what if there really is a place where my dreams can come true?

Recommended for adult collections in public libraries and church libraries. The Long Journey to Jake Palmer won both the Visionary category in the 2017 Christy Award and the Speculative category in the 2017 ACFW Carol Award.

Carol R. Gehringer

— reprinted with permission, Christian Library Journal, 2017.

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