Review: IMPERFECT JUSTICE / Cara Putman

Imperfect Justice / by Cara Putman
Thomas Nelson     ISBN     9780718083489
Adult     Rating:     4

Award-winning author Cara Putman pens another contemporary legal thriller featuring strong women

In Imperfect Justice, attorney Emilie Wesley’s client Kaylene Adams is accused of killing one daughter and seriously wounding another. Emilie doesn’t believe it, because Kaylene was about to leave an abusive relationship to protect her daughters. Kaylene’s brother Reid Billings discovers a letter from Kaylene, pleading for his help in protecting her girls and telling him to consult Emilie for her assistance. Emilie and Reid work together to track down the truth about Kaylene’s husband and protect her surviving daughter.

Domestic violence is a central theme in this novel. Only two people believed Kaylene didn’t do it – her attorney and her brother. The police killed Kaylene in the process of trying to arrest her, thinking she had killed her first daughter and wounded her second one. Who was the real killer, and why didn’t others see what was really going on? Legal proceedings and custody battles ensue for Reid and Emilie as they try to uncover the truth and protect her youngest daughter.

Putman is well-acquainted with the legal scene – she holds a law degree and teaches law. Author of legal thrillers, historical romances, and romantic suspense, Putman excels at the development of a twisting plot and sensitivity for an important topic: domestic violence and custody battles. Putman knows the ins and outs of the law, and creates a believe-able scenario in her stories.

Faith elements are clearly present as is a clean romance. Recommended for public libraries and fans of contemporary suspense novels.

Carol R. Gehringer

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