Review: IF THE SHOE FITS / by Sandra D. Bricker

If the Shoe Fits: A Contemporary Fairy Tale / Sandra D. Bricker

River North (June 1, 2013), ISBN 978-0802406286
Adult    Rating 4
**Pre-Publication copy reviewed

Sandra Bricker kicks off a new romantic comedy contemporary series based on classic fairy tales. If the Show Fits, based on Cinderella, tells the humorous story of a modern-day Cinderella waiting for her prince.

In If the Show Fits, on the very day Julianne opens a law firm with her childhood friend, Will, she sees a handsome stranger rescue a dog from the middle of a busy intersection. As he carries the dog off, with his long coat flowing out behind him, she is captivated by his physical beauty and love for animals. When she looks again, he is gone. Then she notices that his tool box and his work boot fall out of his truck. Julianne takes it as a sign that she has seen her Prince Charming. She tracks him down to return the items, but is he as charming as she dreams? She thinks she has found her prince, but more she gets to know him, the less charming he seems to be.

Julianne wants God’s plan for her life but will she recognize it before it is too late?  For this Cinderella, the shoe (boot) is on the other foot – she is looking for her prince, not the other way around. How hard should she work to make things fit? Cinderella (Julianne) has her ball and eventually her prince, but not before facing challenges in finding her “happy ending.”

Bricker writes her trademark humor in this laugh-out loud story where Cinderella doesn’t recognize God’s plan for her. With witty narrative and likeable primary and secondary characters, Bricker strikes just the right balance to bring a twist to this contemporary fairy tale. The Christian elements are light, not preachy. Its humor and romance are clean, not unlike the old black-and-white romantic comedies featuring one’s favorite actors.

Disclaimer: Book reviews are my opinion of books I either purchased or received free of cost from the publisher in exchange for a honest review. Thanks to NetGalley and the publisher for this advance reading copy.

Carol R. Gehringer

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6 responses to “Review: IF THE SHOE FITS / by Sandra D. Bricker

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  3. I love Sandra D Bricker’s books! Im currently reading this book and love it!
    Great review!


  4. Thanks, Melissa! I appreciate your comments.


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  6. I love Sandra’s books and just recently read and posted a review also. Thanks for your great review! Great blog too, we have the same “theme”!


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