Princess Ever After / by Rachel Hauck (The Royal Wedding Series, 2)
Zondervan     ISBN     9780310315506

How to Catch a Prince / by Rachel Hauck (The Royal Wedding Series, 3)
Zondervan     ISBN     9780310315544
Adult     Rating: 5

princess ever catch prince

Award winner  Rachel Hauck continues her contemporary royal romance series with two stories: one about a reluctant princess, the other about a secret marriage.

Award winner Rachel Hauck continues her contemporary royal romance series with two stories: one about a reluctant princess, the other about a marriage with secrets. (The first in the series, Once Upon a Prince, was reviewed on this blog and in the Christian Library Journal, August-September 2013.)

In Princess Ever After, Regina Beswick leaves a corporate job to restore classic cars. Reggie is content with her new life until the day she finds out her grandmother‘s fairy tale book holds a new destiny for her–she is the lost princess of a small European country. Tanner Burkhardt, Hessenberg’s Minister of Culture, is sent to Florida to bring her back. Without her, Hessenberg loses its status as a sovereign nation.

Reggie has no desire to wear a royal crown in Europe, so Tanner has his hands full trying to convince her to come. Once there, Regina must decide whether her visit is a temporary or permanent one. Is God calling her to be the Princess of Hessenberg? Was she chosen for a “time such as this”? Will she open her heart to a future not of her choosing, to a country not her own?

In How to Catch a Prince, sparks fly when American heiress Corina del Rey meets Stephen, Prince of Brighton. Then they part ways, and five years pass. When his brother King Nathaniel (from Once Upon a Prince) confronts him about a long-forgotten document, Stephen is forced to re-examine the love he left behind.

Corina is still grieving the death of her twin brother killed in Afghanistan. How can Stephen reopen old wounds for her by telling her about their unfinished business – and the truth about her brother’s death? Will they each face their fears and accept the healing God has? Will they rediscover a future together?

Hauck creates endearing characters and engaging stories with a twist on the “royalty marries a commoner” theme. The relationships are charming, but their “happily ever after” endings don’t come easily. There are secrets to reveal and obstacles to overcome. Both books have discussion guides for reading groups.

The faith element is evident–divine inspiration (things no one else sees) adds to the stories. The characters discover or re-discover a new relationship with God. Hauck weaves unexpected truths throughout the stories–God equipping those called for a specific purpose, and the importance of loving well even when result isn’t guaranteed.

Highly recommended for public libraries and church libraries.

Carol R. Gehringer

–reprinted with permission, Christian Library Journal, 2015.

Disclaimer: Book reviews are my opinion of books I either purchased or received free of cost from the publisher in exchange for a honest review.






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