Review: DREAM OF KINGS, / by Sharon Hinck

Dream of Kings, / by Sharon Hinck 
Enclave     ISBN     9798886050080
Young Adult/Adult     Rating:     4


Award-winning author Sharon Hinck pens an inspirational fantasy, inspired by the story of Joseph from the Old Testament.

In Dream of Kings, Jolan, a dream teller, is caught up in political intrigue and betrayed before she can relay a warning from another’s nightmare. Sold into slavery to a southern kingdom far from home, her main focus is trying to return to Norgard, her homeland, to warn her countrymen. 

In the meantime, she uses her dream-telling calling in a foreign land, makes new friends, and eventually forgives those who betrayed her.  When faced with a decision that will cost her everything – what price will she pay to help those who betrayed her?

Hinck’s latest fantasy is filled with realistic characters and believable kingdoms. More than just a retelling of Joseph’s story, Dream of Kings follows the basic plot (sold into slavery, taken to a foreign land, rises to place of authority after interpreting the ruler’s dream), but Hinck puts her own spin on it. The main character – Jolan – is a widowed female. Instead of brothers selling her into slavery, it is her countrymen. Through it all, Jolan learns to trust the Provider out of love, instead of duty. 

Faith and forgiveness are the main threads throughout the book. The quotes at the head of each chapter give insight into the guild of dream tellers and the Provider. While written as a stand-alone novel, there are a few characters whose storyline readers might enjoy reading. The cover is beautiful, just like the ones in the most recent series by Hinck.

Highly recommended for high school libraries and adult collections in public libraries. Adults, older teens, and young adults readers, as well as fans of fantasy series will embrace this new book.

Carol R. Gehringer

Disclaimer: Book reviews are my honest opinion of books I either purchased or received free of cost from the publishers, publicists, and/or authors.

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