Review: A DRAW OF KINGS / by Patrick W. Carr

A Draw of KingsPatrick W. Carr (The Staff and the Sword, 3)
Bethany House     ISBN 978-0-7642-1045-7
Adult (HS)     Grades 10+     Rating:     5

Patrick Carr follows his debut novel, A Cast of Stones, and its sequel, The Hero’s Lot, with another engaging fantasy in the Staff and the Sword series, A Draw of Kings.

In A Draw of Kings, Errol and his companions are sent on a dangerous mission to Merakh to recover the Book of Magis. They are pursued and imprisoned by Duke Weir, Illustra’s interim ruler following the king’s death. Weir intends to avenge his son’s death and marry Adora, daughter of the former king and Errol’s beloved.

Meanwhile, Illustra is on the verge of civil war as the true identity of the king’s heir is still unknown. Will the true heir be revealed in time as enemies within and without draw closer? The prophecy predicts that Errol or Liam will die, but which one is the heir apparent?  What will the final cast of stones reveal? Will they ask the right question to get the right answer?

A Draw of Kings is a fitting conclusion to this trilogy. Like the earlier volumes, the characters (both main and secondary) are delightful and well-developed. Errol has grown from the village drunk to hero to his final destiny. Tension builds as the plot continues to unfold. Who is the new king?  A new voice in Christian fantasy, Patrick W. Carr  is an author to watch and eagerly wait for his next series.

Recommended for public libraries and fantasy fans.

4 responses to “Review: A DRAW OF KINGS / by Patrick W. Carr

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  2. jwilliamsonwrites

    I, too, eagerly await his next series! 🙂


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