Deadly disclosures (A Dinah Harris Mystery) / by Julie Cave

The shadowed mind (A Dinah Harris Mystery) / by Julie Cave

Pieces of light (A Dinah Harris Mystery) / by Julie Cave

Adult (HS) Rating: 5

Julie Cave presents a suspenseful trilogy featuring FBI agent Dinah Harris who tries to find answers even as she struggles with her own depression and alcoholism following the death of her husband and son. From the disappearance of a high-ranking government official, to the world of neo-eugenics, to a serial bomber in Washington, D.C., Dinah works on the mystery and comes to terms with her own past and her future.

In Deadly Disclosures, FBI agent Dinah Harris works to find the answers to the mysterious disappearance of Thomas Whitfield, Secretary of the Smithsonian. When his body is found and others close to him start dying as well, a frightening conspiracy is uncovered, connected to Whitfield’s recent conversion to Christianity and the hostility in financially endowed academia towards believers.

No longer an FBI agent, Dinah begins her new career as a private consultant, in The Shadowed Mind. She uncovers a connection between the world of neo-eugenics and a serial killer deciding whose life has value to society by killing those who do not. Dinah must come to terms with her past before she becomes the next victim on the killer’s list.

Pieces of Light, the thrilling conclusion to this series, finds Dinah hunting down a serial bomber who is on a mission to rid Washington, D.C. of religious buildings and icons. When it becomes clear that the bomber is angry at God and sees himself as a type of avenging angel dispensing justice, Dinah focuses the killer’s humanistic motives of rage and revenge to solve the mystery.

Cave does an excellent job in giving the reader realistic suspense that keeps them guessing, believable characters, and a tightly woven plot, while at the same time delivering a biblical worldview perspective to current events. Kidnappings, political crimes, suspense, murder, political dramas, scandals, and more – things we see in out headlines, become an integral part of this series. This series is well-written and theologically sound as it deals with moral issues of our day.

Highly recommended for public libraries, and high school libraries.

— reprinted with permission from CHRISTIAN LIBRARY JOURNAL, Nov. 2011.

Disclaimer: Book reviews are my opinion of books I either purchased or received free of cost from the publisher in exchange for a honest review.

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