Review: DEADLOCK / by DiAnn Mills

Deadlock, / by DiAnn Mills  (FBI: Houston, 3)
Tyndale     ISBN 9781414389936
Adult (HS)     Rating: 5


Award-winning author DiAnn MillsDiAnn Mills continues her contemporary romantic suspense series featuring FBI agents in the Houston area.

In Deadlock, Special Agent Bethany Sanchez is anxious to meet her new partner, Special Agent Thatcher Graves. She is a follower of the rules while he has a reputation for operating on instinct — that should make for an interesting work relationship!

Graves is also the man who arrested her brother. Bethany’s family has never forgiven her for her part in her brother’s arrest and time in jail. Now Lucas is home — they continue to make excuses for him while excluding Bethany from their family circle. Has he returned to his old habits to make money, and are her parents covering for him?

As Sanchez and Graves try to determine whether two recent homicides are the work of a serial killer or a copycat, they find the clues drying up until they enter the crosshairs of the murderer. Will they be able to keep family and professional work separate while they work together to solve the case before they become the next victims?

Mills does an excellent job of plot and character development in this inspirational suspense series. Multiple plot twists abound as these unpredictable story unfolds. The characters are realistic, and the distractions are many, as the tension builds until the last page is read.

Deadlock will appeal to readers who like the carefully-research details with their suspense: the mastermind behind the murders will surprise most, if not all, readers.

Fans of Dee Henderson and Irene Hannon will enjoy this new series, which includes an author note and discussion questions.

Highly recommended for public and high school libraries.

Carol R. Gehringer

–reprinted with permission, Christian Library Journal, 2015.

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