Breach of trust (Call of Duty, 1), / DiAnn Mills

Sworn to protect (Call of Duty, 2), / by DiAnn Mills

Pursuit of justice (Call of Duty, 3), / by DiAnn Mills

Adult (HS)  Rating: 5

Award-winning author DiAnn Mills presents a contemporary romantic suspense series featuring FBI agents, CIA operatives, and Border Patrol agents fighting for justice, wrestling with their faith, and facing unscrupulous foes.

It is a CIA operative’s worst nightmare. Betrayed by someone she trusts, causing her mission to go wrong in Breach of Trust (Christy Winner, 2010), Paige Rogers is forced to disappear. After seven years of living under a new identity as a small-town librarian, a stranger comes around asking questions and threatening her new life. Her former betrayer, now a rising political figure, is behind it. The CIA asks Paige, a new Christian, to help bring him to justice, despite the fact that he threatens her loved ones and she has been living a lie.

In Pursuit of Justice (Carol award nominee, formerly ACFW, 2011), Border Patrol agent Danika Morales tries to protect the Texas border while uncovering her husband’s murderer from a few years earlier. Both activities put her life in danger as she discovers a traitor among the Border Patrol agents. She encounters drug cartels, illegal aliens, and threats as she uncovers clues pointing to a bigger conspiracy than just her husband’s murder.

FBI agent Bella Jordan is assigned to a case that is deeply connected to the past she has been running from for over fourteen years in Sworn to Protect (Christy winner, 2011). Three people have been recently killed in connection with the legendary Spider Rock treasure. Her father and a friend of hers were obsessive about the treasure years ago. When clues point to their possible involvement, Bella must courageously face her past, drawing on her skill and instinct to catch the experienced killer.

Mills does a superb job of character and plot development in this faith-filled series. Expect lots of twists and turns as these unpredictable stories unfold. The characters are realistic and likeable, except for the villains.

Each title in the Call of Duty series was nominated for recent book awards. Each book also includes author notes and discussion questions.

Highly recommended for public and high school libraries.

–reprinted with permission, Christian Library Journal, Nov. 2011.

Disclaimer: Book reviews are my opinion of books I either purchased or received free of cost from the publisher in exchange for a honest review.

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