Review: THE BOUND HEART / by Dawn Crandall

The Bound Heart / by Dawn Crandall (The Everstone Chronicles, Book 2)
Whitaker House     ISBN     9781629112305
Adult     Rating:      4

bound heart

Dawn Crandall, author of Hesitant Heiress, follows with a sequel featuring another member of the Everstone family, set during America’s Gilded Age (19th century).

In The Bound Heart, Meredyth Summercourt is convinced Vance Everstone will finally notice she is a grown woman, now that she is nineteen years old. One kiss leads to an indiscretion but not to marriage. Vance leaves her to travel abroad for five years.

Her childhood friend Lawry Hampton returns from the West Coast, with the news that he is the benefactor of a Washington orphanage. When Lawry accidentally kisses her, Meredyth’s world is thrown into chaos. She thinks of herself as somewhat engaged to Vance, and has no desire to fall for Lawry, even if they are better suited — and Lawry has loved her for years.

Feeling bound to Vance (at least in her own mind) as an atonement for her wrongdoing, she is unable to accept her growing feelings for Lawry. It takes Wynn, an orphan girl, to open Meredyth’s eyes to their shared interest in helping orphans. As she becomes aware of Lawry’s feelings, will Meredyth be able to release the chains binding her heart? Or will her guilt lead her to marry Vance when he finally gets home after his adventures?

Both Meredyth and Lawry are Christians who want to follow God’s plan. But Meredyth is bound by her own guilt from her sin, locked into believing that she is not worthy of a future with anyone else. One appreciates the tact in the way the author handles the youthful indiscretion. Told in the first person,  The Bound Heart combines the elements of inspirational romance with plenty of intriguing characters, plot twists, drama and intrigue.

Crandall’s third book, The Captive Imposter, will be reviewed here in a few weeks.

Recommended them for school and public libraries. Winner – 2015 The Clash of the Titles Laurel Award (THE BOUND HEART)

Carol R. Gehringer

Disclaimer: Book reviews are my opinion of books I either purchased or received free of cost from the publisher in exchange for a honest review.


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