Review: ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER DALI / Sandra Orchard

Another Day, Another Dali, / by Sandra Orchard  (A Serena Jones Mystery, 2)
Revell     ISBN     9780800726690
Adult     Rating:     5


Award-winning Canadian author Sandra Orchard pens another book in her new contemporary mystery series featuring a female art detective.

In Another Day, Another Dali, FBI Special Agent Serena Jones is asked by her grandmother – as a favor – to help track down her friend’s stolen Dali painting. They have a strained relationship, and Serena sees it as an opportunity to change that. But what seems like a straightforward investigation turns into a tangled web involving forgery, art theft ring, corrupt cops, and possibly the unsolved murder of Serena’s grandfather.

A mugging, a murder, and other dangers ensue as Serena investigates. Will Serena solve the case before someone stops her? What will her grandmother’s friend say when the thief is found to be someone close to her? How is the secret Serena has kept from her family involved in her relationship with her grandmother?

Using a light touch to depict the FBI, Orchard does an excellent job in her character development. Serena is a confident single woman, not looking for romance — although she is tripping over eligible (and interested) bachelors like her FBI partner Tanner and her landlord Nate. The tension between Tanner, Nate and Serena will keep the reader guessing! Her self-appointed detective (and quirky) Aunt Martha with her mobster friend interferes in the investigation, creating an interesting situation with the art theft mastermind.

This is a good, clean mystery with a very light romance and humor on the side — with enough plot twists to delight any mystery lover. The faith element is very light. The next book, Over Maya Dead Body, is due in Summer 2017.

Carol R. Gehringer

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