Review: A TIME TO SPEAK / Nadine Brandes

A Time to Speak, / by Nadine Brandes (Out of Time, Book 2)
Enclave Publishing     ISBN     9781621840558
Adult     (HS Grades 10-12)     Rating:     4

time to speak

Nadine Brandes continues her award-winning dystopian series where individuals have a personal clock counting down to the time of their death. Having a personal clock determines how much medical assistance they get. But what happens when people outlive their clocks? Or when “new and improved clocks” are wrong?

In A Time to Speak, Parvin Blackwater returns to her former world to teach other Radicals how to survive on the other side of the Wall, or at least that is her intention. Her reception by her fellow villagers is cold, even her family is hostile. No one wants to accept her leadership.

Meanwhile, the Council is packing those who cannot afford the “new and improved” clocks onto cargo ships headed south. It is a new life “beyond the wall.” Why are people dying before the new clocks zero out? How does God want her be a spokesperson as she faces her own execution? What message will she convey?

Brandes creates a future world where new technology and government control is all too real and possible. Her books are imaginative with realistic characters and suspenseful plot twists. The writing gets intense but the violence is appropriate for the story. Military control and conspiracy are part of the plot twists. Parvin struggles in her Christian faith, making her journey both a spiritual and physical one.

A Time to Speak is followed by A Time to Rise, coming in fall 2016.

Recommended for fans of dystopian fiction and speculative fiction, especially readers of Krista McGee’s Anomaly series, Lisa Bergren’s Remnant series, Bonnie Calhoun’s Stone Braide Chronicles series, and Jill Williamson’s Safe Lands series.

Carol R. Gehringer

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