ELITE GUARDIANS COLLECTION, / by Lynette Eason and others

Best-selling author Lynette Eason with debut authors Kate AngeloSami A. Abrams, and Kelly Underwood continue the romantic suspense series featuring female bodyguards, originally written by Eason.
01_EG_DrivingForce_FC_R_FNL copyDriving Force, / by Lynette Eason & Kate Angelo Elite Guardians Collection, 1 Sunrise Publishing     ISBN     9781953783196    Adult     Rating:     4
In Driving Force, bodyguard Christina Sherman is tasked with protecting military dog Boss, while disabled vet Grey Parker undergoes experimental surgery. Meanwhile, someone is trying to steal Boss, who is trained to sniff out chemical weapons. Can Christina keep Boss and Grey alive while stopping the planned attack?
From the first page of Driving Force by Lynette Eason & Kate Angelo, readers will be engaged in a race against time, as Christina, Grey, and Boss try to uncover the identity of the person(s) behind the attack on Grey, as well as thwart the plans for an imminent terrorist attack.   


EG_ImpendingStrike_FC_FNLImpending Strike, / by Lynette Eason & Sami A. Abrams Elite Guardians Collection, 2 Sunrise Publishing     ISBN     9781953783219   Adult     Rating:     4
In Impending Strike, When fellow Guardian Charlie Lee – the only male Elite Guardian employee – is injured while undercover, fellow bodyguard Lizzie is tasked with helping him recover his memories. Can she protect her heart while helping him uncover who attacked him and why?
Impending Strike  — by Lynette Eason & Sami A. Abrams — captures the reader’s attention from the first sentence, holding it fast until the thrilling conclusion. The banter between Charlie and Lizzie is delightful as they navigate from friends to more than that, all the while trying to stay safe and uncover the bad guys.  


EG3_DefendingHonor_FCDefending Honor, / by Lynette Eason & Kelly Underwood  Elite Guardians Collection, 3 Sunrise Publishing     ISBN     9781953783288         Adult     Rating:     4
In Defending Honor, bodyguard Laila Rabbinowitz is hired to protect billionaire Preston Whittaker from the person(s) who are killing off members of his family and threatening the control of family business. Posing as his trophy wife makes things a little more for the former Mossad agent  to protect him — that is until family relationships begin to unravel and the threats become internal.
Family drama is at the center of Defending Honor by Lynette Eason & Kelly Underwood, as Laila and Preston work to uncover the person(s) behind the murders/attempted murders of family members entangled in the leadership of a lucrative family business — all the while keeping up the front of a fake marriage so Laila can protect Preston.


Teaming up with Eason to present the books in the Elite Guardians Collection, Angelo, Abrams, and Underwood pick up the Elite Guardians storylines seamlessly, recreating the action-packed world, relatable characters, clean romance, faith elements and twisting plots found in the original series. 
Elite Guardians Collection will be of interest to those who read books by Lynette Eason, Lynn Blackburn, and Irene Hannon.
Carol R. Gehringer
Disclaimer: Book reviews are written for books I either purchased or received free of cost from the publishers, publicists, or authors. I voluntarily reviewed this book, and my review represents my honest opinion.

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